Daft Hands

This is still one of my favourite Youtube videos. I love it. The song is awesome but the addition of the video makes me so very happy. The bits towards the end where it is a blur of fingers and hands is just superb. I imagine it was a lot of takes but so so worth it. Too cool.


Beautiful paper animation of Star Wars

I’m always on the lookout for videos that combine originality, beauty and a gorgeous soundtrack. This video by Eric Power does just that. The paper based animation depicts the original Star Wars Trilogy accompanied by Jeremy Messersmith’s delightful Tatooine. Enjoy.


“I’d like to think that there’s a star for me and you,
Spinning round, falling for one another…Twin suns of Tatooine”

Virgin Atlantic do it again

Once again, Virgin Atlantic have managed to pull out the stops and create a fabulous new ad campaign. Based on a Bond-esque theme it marries up the big visuals with a great sound track (Muse’s cover of Nina Simone – Feeling good). It’s a great follow up to their last TV campaign which was a massive success.

“Is that Linda?” Excellent.

The future of video?

I’m a Nikon man but have to say, looking at what Canon are doing with their video technology in DSLRs I am massively impressed. The video below is just one of a number of high-profile shorts to hit the web which has been filmed entirely on a Canon DSLR. In this case it’s the 5D Mk II. Also announced recently is the news that the season finale of House is to be shot entirely on the same camera. Definitely the future.

This example not only looks gorgeous but is also a beautiful short film. Enjoy.


The Last 3 Minutes is a beautiful short film by cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, the cinematographer of Terminator Salvation. It was shot using the Canon 5D Mark II, and was sponsored by Canon to show off the latest firmware that enables 24p (frames per second) recording, giving it a “movie quality”. Filming spanned 17 locations across 4 1/2 days, and a wide assortment of Canon prime L lenses were used.

The present day portion of the film in the beginning was shot at 24p, while the flashbacks were filmed at 30p and converted to 24p in order to produce a dreamlike quality. You can read more about how the film was made on Hurlbut’s blog.

(thanks to PDNPulse)

Perfection in motion

This has to be without doubt one of the best music videos I have seen. Sure we saw something similar with Honda a few years ago and I suppose it also recalls memories of world records attempts on kids TV with domino rally from the 80s but OK Go have pulled off something so perfect, so wonderful that it clearly surpasses anything that has gone before. And it is all the more impressive given their previous work! Most bands would have been happy to sit back and enjoy their day in the sun. This time they have gone way beyond.

You can watch a “making of” video of the action here