Kilian Martin, “that” Lucozade advert and a spin round Barcelona

Last June I told you about Kilian Martin and what an amazing skater he was. Now, he is starring in the Lucozade Advert that has been airing recently. It’s a really nice feel-good summer advert, lots of bright sunshine, gorgeous people, big smiles and awesome rollerskate and skateboard action. Pretty much the perfect recipe. Kilian Martin is the main skateboard protagonist, doing what he does best. The guy is incredible.

Check out the advert

The thing is though, it doesn’t really do Kilian justice, to see what he does best check out my previous post here or his more recent video of his tour around Barcelona – A Skate Regeneration. Just so beautiful and incredible skills. Enjoy.

Kilian Martin – A Skate Escalation

There’s plenty of great skateboarders out there but Kilian Martin really is exceptional. Just beautiful to watch. The video below shows him at his best. A guy totally in tune with his board (and at times boards). Gorgeous videography, serious skills and a lovely soundtrack. I give you Kilian MartinA Skate Escalation. Enjoy.