Cats with thumbs

Loving the new campaign from Cravendale. Was a fan of their sinister cow adverts but now they have introduced cats with thumbs. Great work.



Day V Lately – JR Hartley for the New Generation

The original JR Hartley advert was a classic from Yellow pages. Now, with a major promo for it’s App and, JR Hartley has died retired and there’s a new kid on the block – Day V Lately. It’s a great reworking of a classic advert. Well done Yell.


And of course, it would be remiss of me not to include the original.

Volkswagen Advert – The Force

I love Volkswagen’s advertising, they always seem to get it right. This latest one – The Force – is no different.

Great stuff.

My recent favourite has to be this one though

Love the soundtrack and the dance. Amazing.

Finally a couple of Golf adverts from the last few years with rather differing styles.

My Blackberry isn’t working

Great bit of classic British Comedy from the legendary “One Ronnie”, Ronnie Corbett and the superb Harry Enfield. Love how they just about manage to hold it together about the dongles. Great pay-off line as well. Enjoy.

More details on the show here

Silent Night basketball game

There are many intimidating sporting arenas around the world but this is one of the best I’ve seen. Both eerie and off-putting at first and then overwhelming and partisan. Not hard to see why the home team goes away with such a major win. Check it out.


Extreme Weather in Northern Ireland

Just when you thought the weather couldn’t get more ridiculous, the extreme snowy weather in Northern Ireland gets a dose of ridiculous thunder and lightning. Video taken in Bangor, Co. Down.

Nostalgic ravers

Nostalgic look at 90s dance culture courtesy of new Chase & Status video for Blind Faith. Great tune, awesome video. Check it.