The end of a lovely relationship?

So a while back I blogged about the latest G-Shock I had bought (the G-Shock X-Large Combi). I was so delighted to have found a white version of this fine watch available for delivery to the UK and initial thoughts were excellent.

Now though, less than 8 months on, I am returning the watch to Casio. The strap has deteriorated hugely, the resin peeling away and the casing/bezel has become discoloured and losing resin too. G-Shocks are highly regarded for their toughness, used by all sorts of people in rigorous situations. It seems however I have got a dud. See photos below of how badly the strap has peeled and the resin has been discoloured.

This is not my usual experience of Casio and indeed G-Shock however, having owned and loved many other models previously. I really hope Casio can either replace the strap and housing or swap over a brand new model under warranty. I have it all packaged up and ready to go in the post on Tuesday.

Keep your fingers crossed. I will keep you posted with progress. Here’s hoping it isn’t the end of a beautiful relationship.






4 thoughts on “The end of a lovely relationship?

  1. There’s been quite a few pieces by Casio in the G-Shock range that have been found to have faults recently… Mostly to do with colour or other ‘aesthetic’ issues. My own G-Shock collection has suffered in the past, but this wear and tear is happening sooner and sooner!

    You’d think that a name like that would elicit some sort of hardiness! I mean, c’mon… Casio’s sub-brand was created for “primarily for sports, military, and outdoor adventure oriented activity”, however, these days, it seems that they are more interested in the fashion side of things!!!

    I’m still a sucker for them though…

    • Yeh, totally agree. I have seen some discolouration in the past but only after years of abuse. After only 8 months you don’t really expect it. Am hoping Casio will see fit to do the decent thing here. I love them but don’t want to be put off future purchases :-/

    • Hmmm, sent off and fingers are crossed. Here’s hoping Casio will sort it. If not, then a new one may have to be purchased! If they fix it, then a new watch may be bought in celebration anyway ;-). Do I hear the words “Win:Win”?

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