One Big Family

I first saw this advert a few weeks ago and half way through, was trying to work out what John Lewis, Waitrose or some other higher end brand was advertising? Was it summer food? Outdoor furniture? And then my jaw hits the floor. It’s KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Now go back and read who I thought it was for? Really? KFC in the same bracket? Well, apparently so. It’s a really classy advert and a world away from their previous offerings which felt pitched somewhere between Aldi and Argos.

This really is such a move away from the pre-conceived ideas about the KFC brand. I look forward to see where Bartle Bogle Hegarty take us next.

So here it is, in all it’s Middle Class chicken glory. KFC – So Good

(Music is Temple Cloud – One Big Family)

4 thoughts on “One Big Family

  1. Immensely annoying, insipid ad for chicken. I LOVE KFC, and trying to make it whatever-this-is doesn’t work for me at all. For a start if you had that many people round you couldn’t afford to get a big KFC. It’s dirty dirty food, we all know it and that’s why we love it. Stop trying to put a tea cosy on it.
    Damn, I want KFC now.

  2. It’s the dirtiest of dirty food. The service experience hardly lives up to this new found heart of the community, garden based Utopia either! The lovely folks that man the gravy pumps in CitySide for example are hardly selling the dream.

  3. The Ad is brilliant. I can’t watch it without wanting a KFC right then and now. Of course, after eating a KFC I’ll still be left ashamed of my choice and full of regret but the advert makes me forget just how rubbish it all is. Top stuff.

  4. Agreed but very similar to the iconic 1970’s coke cola and Pepsi adverts – look at the type font of the last on screen words and also the hair style and clothes – harking back to a ‘family time’ where the family unit was still one. Communications and work has made people even more mobile and therefore distant the advert reflects back to a time where ‘family’ meant togetherness. A similar advert is the Bisto gravy ad about promising to eat together as a family.


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