Getting punched for a good cause

Me and Ricky Hatton

Hoping that standing beside this guy last summer will have somehow rubbed off some of his skills!

So since January I have been back training again properly and slowly building up my fitness to where it was last summer before my injury. Whilst the training has gone well, I have been looking for an event to train for. Suddenly out of the blue came something I have been wanting to do for a couple of years but previously had been unable to take part in – White Collar Boxing.

Yes, it means I will probably get hit a few times but it’s going to be worth it. I decided it would be a great idea for a bit of fundraising and so after a few enquiries here and there, I decided to try and raise some money for Aware Defeat Depression. I have friends and relatives who have suffered from depression over the years and I have seen how it can affect people. Depression affects around 25% of the Northern Ireland population, (this could be indirectly – carers, family etc.). Aware Defeat Depression support carers and family as well as people experiencing depression. They’ve got 20 support groups across NI that are free to attend but cost around £400 a month to maintain. My target of raising at least £600 will at least go a little way to easing this burden.

In approximately 75% of all suicides, depression is cited as a factor. There were 260 deaths by suicide in 2009, which averages as 5 per week. Between January and September 2010 there were 234 deaths by suicide, averaging 6.5 per week. The suicide rate in NI for males is 3.5 times higher than for females. These statistics make for shocking reading. By supporting Aware Defeat Depression, you can help lower the number of deaths.

Training starts in earnest on the 26th April and will continue twice a week until I climb into the ring on the 23rd June at the Europa Hotel in Belfast. I am excited but also nervous, it will be a test of physical and mental ability as well as my discipline and nerve. I would love to have your support, knowing that I have a bunch of people behind me, raising money for this excellent charity would make a huge difference. I won’t let you down.

If you can afford to donate, please do by clicking here, if you can’t, then thanks for reading and please tell a few people and encourage them to support this cause.

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