Virgin Atlantic do it again

Once again, Virgin Atlantic have managed to pull out the stops and create a fabulous new ad campaign. Based on a Bond-esque theme it marries up the big visuals with a great sound track (Muse’s cover of Nina Simone – Feeling good). It’s a great follow up to their last TV campaign which was a massive success.

“Is that Linda?” Excellent.

2 thoughts on “Virgin Atlantic do it again

  1. Awesome.
    The agency doing the ‘Love Chloe’ perfume TV campaign running at the mo could learn a lot from the creators of this: The chloe ad featuring Raquel Zimmerman is a hopeless faux nostalgia attempt, which looks like they have actually re-run the original 70’s ad. How it can run at the same time as the Chloe main ad is a travesty, or perhaps a perfect illustration of creating a brand family with each member unique, yet united by a common name…

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