I Dream of a White Wedding

I love watches. I could spend a lot of time and money perusing, buying and wearing them. They are my kryptonite. I have a nice collection, nothing too pricey but all very nice and bought in a moment of weakness.

I have managed to avoid making any purchases for nearly 6 years (Melbourne Airport – G-shock GW-1001). It’s been hard. But here is my confession, in an uncontrollable moment 2 evenings ago, I stumbled upon this watch. I have been looking for a white watch for some time now. Yes, it’s a bit flashy, yes it’s a bit impractical. No, I don’t care.

The G-Shock X-Large Combi is larger than an average G-Shock. I love big watches. Always have. So there was the second box ticked.

Finally, the price, almost bargainous at less than £100 delivered.

White? Tick!
Big? Tick!
Affordable? Tick!

But then there was a problem.

Only available in the USA, nooooooo!

After hunting around I finally tracked down a store that would ship to the UK. And so, in about a week, my new (not so) little beauty will be here and on my wrist.

It’s a new romance. Heres hoping for a white wedding.

3 thoughts on “I Dream of a White Wedding

  1. oohhh Nico my favourite accessory. I’m a watch magpie- esp men’s watches. i love how they feel in your hands, playing with them- the buckle, the metal clip strap, the sound it makes as you click it….all of that good stuff. It’s also the first thing i notice about a guy- screw the shoes or hair…. if he’s got a good watch i’m sold!

    My favourite was a Fossil man’s cuff watching i got for my 21st Birthday. I’m still gutted that i’ve lost it. http://images.overstock.com/f/102/3117/8h/www.overstock.com/images/products/P10210576.jpg

    The White G-Shock is a must. Can’t wait to see it 🙂

    I finally got the Baby G http://www.watchesshop.com/watches/casio/bg-191-7b2er-ladies-baby-g-chronographic-digital-and-analogue-white-watch.jpg after 2/3 years of trying to find it. Finally got it Cornwall last summer and i loveeee it, especially the white strap. Twit twoo!

    My only “issue” with G-Shock is that they’re just so bloomin’ well made & never break so it’s hard to justify more than one. (Despite the fact I’ve 4 of the bad boys that i’ve bought over the years)

    Looking forward to seeing the pics. Good choice!

    • Yeh, totally a problem that they last so long! This will be my 3rd! Great pieces though and at a price that allows you to be able to own a few as well. If it isn’t watches, it’s sunglasses but that’s a whole other blog post waiting to be written!!

      Liking that Baby-G. Very cute! Nothing like the satisfaction of finding “the one”.

      Will defs be posting pics as soon as I get it. Super excited.

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