Flogging a dead horse?


I’ve had my beef with Snow Patrol in recent years – if you know me you’ll know why. Having mates in a band is a great laugh and you get to escape into a different world. Whilst in my final year at university and whilst I was living in London Snow Patrol were touring their first album, it was exciting. I saw them in tiny venues all over the place, then bigger venues, supporting some great bands and then festivals. Success came, Gary’s habits changed and Mark (was) moved on from the band. The music got increasingly bland, the audience ever commercial and the ticket prices higher. Snore Patrol were a million miles away from those early days. I know how it happens but it doesn’t stop you feeling disappointed.

I know that Gary is a very talented songwriter, I’ve spent time with him, seen his passion and been impressed. I’ve also heard the stories, seen the attitudes, witnessed the fallout. It does appear though that he has moved on but I suspect Snow Patrol’s (4th – at least) Homecoming Show in Ward Park this summer may well be a last hurrah before they move on to pastures new. Dwindling ticket sales and a fading star musically may well warrant it.

When it was originally announced back in January that Gary Lightbody and Peter Buck were teaming up to form a new project called Tired Pony, I was very cynical about the project. Following the official announcement on Friday and taking a look at the Tired Pony site though, I was pleasantly surprised. Gary has recruited old friends who have brought him success over the years, he’s gone back to the drawing board and the video promoting the new album recalls Gary’s more introspective moody influences of those early Snow Patrol years. I don’t know how it will be received critically or commercially but I suspect that Tesco Mum won’t be playing it in the car on the school run.

I wait to hear the final results but am strangely intrigued. Lightbody is a talent, I wonder if he has re-discovered his mojo.