TAL 10

This weekend sees me heading to Leeds for the TAL 10 Hyperlocal news unconference. Having been heavily involved in the winning bid for the Welsh IFNC Pilot, it will be great to hear from other hyperlocal thought leaders. It will also be my first opportunity to meet up with William Perrin, who was part of the panel throughout the IFNC process but whom I never had the pleasure of meeting. Will be good to finally put a face to the name.

Looks like (Northern) Irish attendees are fairly thin on the ground with just myself and Pauline Sargent making the journey over the water. Not sure how much this says for the hyperlocal scene here but it will be intertesting to get Pauline’s insight on this.

All looks to be coming together and the topic list is shaping up well. Just a quick note to say thanks to Nicky Getgood who together with the rest of the Talk About Local team has put together what looks like a fantastic event this Saturday. Also looking forward to getting a beer with Josh Halliday having missed out this during his 2 previous visits to Belfast.

See you there if you are going on Saturday!

One thought on “TAL 10

  1. We look forward to seeing you! Everything okay with your flights and all? Hearing horror stories about airports up north and in Scotland. :-/

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