Place your bets! A quick look at Chat Roulette

So you have either been on Chat Roulette or you haven’t. The basic premise is that it will hook up your webcam to any other webcam to chat to someone else currently logged on the site. The results are limitless however the main scene is a bored looking guy staring at you and then disappearing. Occasionally you will arrive at someone who waves or says hi but mainly it looks like a whole bunch of random guys cruising for something which isn’t going to appear. A girl. Preferably with minimal clothes on.

That is how the site started off but increasingly it is becoming a place where the exhibitionists are hanging out. In some cases, literally! A quick look on Google for Chat Roulette Screenshots will show you some of what is going on. Just be aware that some of the images are not safe for work.

What did catch my eye was this fantastic piano guy, who plays and sings about the other person who is connecting to him. It’s a stroke of genius and something to be enjoyed amongst the banal and often seedy side of Chat Roulette. Enjoy.

You can read more over at Panic Dots and TheRonster


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