So, somewhat accidentally yesterday, I got involved in a discussion on Twitter that led me to a decision to enter a Triathlon.

I have been training at the gym over the last year and since January 2009 I have lost about 4 stone. Whilst this has been great and has led to a whole host of benefits and changes, I have been flagging in the last month and felt the December pressure as time became short and eating/drinkiing/nights out increase. So I figured I needed a challenge to focus on.

Whilst chatting with a few guys over on Twitter yesterday, we got talking about the Lisburn Triathlon – an event comprised of a 750m swim, a 20km bike ride and a 5km run. It seemed like great timing and gave me a good nudge in the right direction to say I was keen.

So, that was that, I am pretty much committed to it now and had a crack at some running and cycling back to back last night. Managed 3km run in 18mins immediately followed by a 10km cycle in 21mins. Felt reasonably OK so with training for an event that is 7 months away (1st August 2010) I am confident I can put in a decent time and finish in less than 90 mins.

Will be a good challenge and having a few others involved makes me more accountable. Hope to also try and make a leg of the Belfast Marathon relay this year but will talk more about that later.

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